"Country Estates in the Vicinity of Moscow"
guide with a map

Author: A. Chizhkov Б

Date: July 2002

Price:150 rub

Where to buy:Central Moscow book shops or directly from the Partnership

The guide highlights 644 country estates that have survived in the vicinity of Moscow and includes 200 colour pictures and a map. It unites the latest data on the modern condition of country estate complexes, providing a short historical reference to each of them and showing the best way to get there on your own. The book is based on the idea of the Russian country estate as one of three main types of settlements in Russia - the city, the village, the estate. The country estate historically had been forming in XVI - early XX centuries as a private complex, playing an important economic and later on administrative, social and cultural parts. The main distinctive feature of country estates has always been a landlord's house, surrounded by additional elements - various dwelling and household buildings such as a church, garden, park and ponds, depending on the position and wealth of the owner. The guide is a unique edition, the only one presenting estates that managed to survive partly or entirely till nowadays. It is the first really informative and most detailed guide to country estates in the vicinity of Moscow that gives an opportunity to estimate the part of the estate heritage remained. This brief reference data will help those who appreciate the history and culture of Russia, longing to preserve the remains that escaped destruction. We must not let the Russian country estate vanish irrevocably.


Price: 50 rub.

A fancy calendar for the year 2003 that provides a brief description of Russian country estates - Maryinka, Marfino, Yurino, Arkhangelskoye-Skobeevo, Podushkino, Storozhilovo, Kiritsy, Murimtsevo, Vassilyevskoye, Bykovo, Ostashevo and some others.

Набор открыток

Collection of postcards

Price: 5 rub each

Collection of postcards (10 pieces), reprinted from original postcards of the late XIX - early XX centuries belonging to private collections.
They present destroyed monuments in Pavlovsk (the statues of the emperor Alexander III, Grand Duke Vyacheslav Konstantinovich, Grand Duchesse Yelena Pavlovna, the palace of Grand Duke Dimitry Konstantinovich in Strelna, antique interiors of the Arkhangelskoye and Ostafievo estates, the portrait of the duchesse Zinaida Yusupova and some nore picturesque paintings by Russian artists.

Русская усадьба в старинной открытке

The Russian Country Estate on old postcards

Price: 180 rub.

© Non-profit partnership "Russkaya Usadba"

An album with annotated index. Non-profit-making partnership "Russkaya Usadba". Edited by I. Slunkova. Moscow. Editing house "Profis", 2003. 144 pages.
ISBN 5-902325-02-1
Landscapes and interiors of Russian country estates on postcards of early XX century give an opportunity to see afresh and estimate the heritage of the Russian country estate culture. The album contains 119 postcards with a brief reference to the artistic features of the monuments, their history and the stories of their owners. It includes the pictures of little known estates of the Russian countryside along with pictures of famous palace and park ensembles of Moscow and its vicinities. The album is formed on the basis of a private collection owned by P.Tsukanov.

Настольный календарь

Desk calendar

Price: 50 rub.

This fancy desk calendar - such an essential item nowadays - enchants you with the images of the past. The Russian country estate and its life traditions were portrayed by numerous artists and photographers of XIX - early XX centuries. Antique postcards share the MOOD of the past, lost irrevocably, with the accuracy of a document.